Immediate Needs

You can donate items to our shelter in two ways.

You can purchase and bring the items below to our shelter building located at 1514 N. McDonald Street in McKinney and enter through our main door in the front.  Donations are accepted 7 days a week, between 9am and 6pm.


Visit our Amazon wishlist by clicking here. 

For assistance or additional information please call 972-542-5302 or email us at

Kitchen & Food Items

Bottled Water

Sliced cheese

Sliced bread

Deli meat

Shredded cheese

Garlic powder

Brown sugar

Ranch dressing

Small bags of chips


French fries


Non-food Items

Women's deodorant
Lip balm
Feminine wash
Feminine wipes
Cotton pads
Women's body spray
Bras (36DD)
Face cleanser

Updated: 9/22/2021