2302 Winthrop Drive, Dallas 75228

Residential Treatment Program for 18+. Separate men and women house. 6-12 month faith-based program. Servicees: support groups, life skills, employment preparation classes. Rules: $80/wk due each Friday, No drugs, alcohol, firearms, or illegal activity, curfew 11:00 PM weekdays & 12:00 AM weekends, must show proof of active job search, work requirement, chore assigned, weekly meeting, therapy group, aftercare, no smoking inside

P.O. Box 1161, Cedar Hill, TX

Short-Term Housing – For ages 18-30 homeless women w/o children, pregnant women w/ up to 1 child or w/o children, and women with up to 2 children (6 and under). LB friendly. Intake: phone interview, background check (offenses examined case-by-case), in-person inerview (ID required), 1-2 day process. Exclusions: diagnosis of mood disorders, violent offenses. Expectations: drug-free, mandatory counseling and training (life skills, mentoring, parenting, resume building, career readiness, conflict management), stay in facility except for work or school, no cell phone use (phones and computers provided), no smoking. Length of Stay: 30 days, then able to apply for maternity program or supportive living program. Facility: 14 client beds, 5 bathrooms, shared common areas. Shared bedrooms and bathrooms depending on family size. Maternity Housing – Single pregnant women, 18-30 years old with up to one child age 6 and under. Intake: complete Short Term program in good standing. Exclusions: same as short term. Expectations: same as short term and follow maternity care guidelines. Length of Stay: pregnancy plus 6-8 weeks after birth. May apply to Supportive Living Program. Facility: 14 client beds, 5 bathrooms, shared common areas. Supportive Living Program – Same as short-term. Intake: complete other programs in good standing. Exclusions: same as short term. Expectations: same as short term & pay 15% of income in rent, returned at end of program. Length of stay: 6-12 months. Facility: 5 client beds, 1 bathroom, shared common areas

Brighter Tomorrows
P.O. Box 532151 Grand Prairie, TX 75053


Transitional Housing to help survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence by establishing financial stability. Apartment rent and utilities paid by agency. 2 year program. Services: life skills training, budget planning, parenting classes, support groups. Requirements: drug and alcohol free, ability to work, minor children under 18 yo, fleeing domestic violence w/ documentation to support claims, abide by facility rules. Exclusions: income greater than 30% of AMI. Upon gaining employment, client encouraged to establish savings account. Application document online

3610 Pipestone Rd. Dallas, TX 75212

Serves children with medical needs (asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, neurological disorders, MS, heart disease, cancer, catheters & feeding tubes) and disabilities. Family Supportive Servies – Emergency Housing Funding, referrals, job training, financial lieracy, access to technology, language, GED, and other education resources for up to 1 year. Intensive social services and case management for children with special needs and those impacted by HIV/AIDS (diagnosis of child or immediate family members), therapy provideed. Direct child care on-site, respite care (weekends), spring & summer camps

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700 N. Pearl St. Ste. 1200 Dallas, TX 75201

Single parent families age 18+ currently enrolled in educational or vocational program. Intake: call or email, meet with social worker for evaluation, background check. Exceptions: counseling, work with social worker. Length of stay: 6-9 months. Services: Access to affordable housing, financial assistance, counseling, spiritual growth, case management, parenting classes, money management, mentorship.

7912 Antoinette Dallas, TX 75217

Race Program (Men) – 1 year residential, faith-based 12-step program for those with life-controlling problems such as substance abuse, behavioral dysfunctions, or criminal history. Tree of Life Women’s Refuge – 1 year residential, faith-based 12-step program for battered and addicted women. Also includes refuge for single mothers with children. Phase I – Discipline, Phase II – employment, money management, time management, relationships. Document on website includes visitation, weekend pass, telephone, and mail policicies along with clasroom, transportation, and house rules.

2920 Forest Lane Dallas TX 75234

Income based, 30% of income. Applicants/residents do not have to be currently employed and are not required to get a job. Must pass a drug and alcohol screening.Must be 55 or older. Studio size housing w/ small kitchen.

2209 South Main Ft. Worth, TX 76110

Programs: Detox, Short & Long-Term Inpatient Treatment, Adult Outpatient, Adolescent Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment, Sober Living Program 18-24 months. Exclusions: violent or sexual offenses

4000 East Side Ave. Dallas, TX 75226

Housing provided for more than 30 veterans annually through CityWalk@Akard, ESG-Rapid Rehousing, and Destination Home programs. Veterans qualify through the Dallas Housing Authority for VASH vouchers and are placed in the housing programs. Services: furniture, household goods, transportation, case management.

1819 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Dallas, TX 75215

Halfway house for female ex-offenders. Written request for application should be sent by mail. Job skills training.