3712 Wichita St. Ft. Worth, TX 76119

Emergency Shelter – Requirements: Ages 10-17. Details: 24-hour immediate safe shelter and care while seeking living arrangements. Services: education, advocacy, counseling, case management. The Life Project – Requirements: Ages 18-21. Aging out of foster care or homeless. Housing Options: College dorms, shared housing, apartments. Services: Case managment, counseling, bi-weekly allowance, furniture and supplies, work skills develoment, life skills development.

902 East 16th St. Plano, TX 75074

My Friend’s House – Emergency shelter for youth ages 0-17 who have been removed from home. Siblings may remain together.  Intake: contact emergency services. Partnership with CPS. Expectations: no extreme aggression, cannot be immediate danger to self/others, substance abuse free, mentally stable, attend counseling/training. Length of Stay: 3 weeks. Services: basic needs, case management, medical/dental assistance, development evaluations, psychological assessments, education assistance, life skills, counseling, school transprtation.  Facility: 6 client beds, 2 bathrooms. Transitional Living Program – For ages 18-21 homeless or runaway youth. Accepts expecting mothers.  Intake: call to check availability, application, face to face interview, 1-2 week process. Expectations: gain employment, complete high school education, enroll in college, attend counseling/training, drug-free. Length of Stay: Up to 18 months. Services: life skills groups, case management, counseling assessment.  Facility: on-site staff, 2 houses in Plano neighborhood. Clients share rooms. 4 bathrooms. Community Outreach and Resource Center. 901 18th St. Plano, TX 75074
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3108 Live Oak St. Dallas, TX 75204

OnTRAC Transitional Housing – Youth ages 18-24 aging out of the foster care system. Parents welcome. Intake: face to face interview, may take 24 hours to enter depending on availability. Expectations: be employed at least 30 hrs/wk. If unemployed, must meet with housing coach weekly, no criminal activity, threats or violence, 30 days since last psychiatric hospital admission. Length of Stay: 6-9 months. Facility: 15 private bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. Shared common areas. OnTRAC Permanent Supportive Housing – Homeless youth ages 18-24 with documented disability. Intake: face to face interview, may take 2-3 weeks to enter depending on availability. Serves 35 youths. Expectations: work with housing coach, maintain lease, staff will provide housing assistance and rent will be paid.  Length of Stay: Permanent.
214-370-9300 x3024
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1100 Cadiz St. Dallas, TX 75215

10-month program w/ 4 phases. Phase I – must stay on property, no visitors, work 4-hour shift in kitchen. Phase II – Can request pass to leave property, full schedule of classes including anger mgmt, alcohol recovery, job readiness, budgeting, etc. work in security or food service on-site. Phase III – Continue classes, focus on job and housing applications, join local church, work with a mentor. Phase IV – Class schedule and mentoring continue, job and housing application process finalized, graduation

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123 S. Ricketts St. Sherman, TX 75092

Minimum requirements: Ages 17-20. Aging out of juvenile justice system. Services: housing, basic needs, job skills training.
4210 Junius St. Dallas, TX 74246

Minimum requirements: ID & SS card required, 25+, ability to work or attend school, consistent monthly income. Exclusions: sex offenders, convicted violent felons, manufacturing offenses. Length of stay: up to 24 months. General details: HCC pays rent to apartment. Client responsible for utilities. Scattered-site housing placement based upon availability. Home Again – serves 12 families & 3 singles. Welcome Home – 25 singles. Project Restore – HOH must have documented diagnosis of mental illness, substance abuse or co-occurring disorder
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6065 Duck Creek Dr. Garland, TX 75043

Emergency Shelter – Ages 0-18. Temporary residential care and specialized services to children that have been abandoned or removed from their homes by CPS due to abuse and neglect. Siblings stay together. Avg stay: 30-90 days, depending on age and circumstance. Typically when children leave, they are placed with relative, foster home, or adopted.  Services: medical, dental, psychological, educational. Transitional Living Program (Mike Modano Cottage) – Women only. Services: educat
P.O. Box 140202 Irving, TX 75014

Apartments for teens attending school in Irving. Must be documented. No felonies.
10505 Denton Drive Dallas, TX 75220

Ages up to 18. Capacity – 32. Shelter for runaways and young offenders. Must be brought in by police. Average 3 week stay. Services: education, therapy, case management.

224 West Page Ave. Dallas, TX 75208

Emergency Youth Shelter Program – Ages 8-17. May have children. Intake: signed in by guardian, may enter ASAP. Expectation: work towards goals, counseling/training. Length of stay: Community youth (up to 21 days), CPS youth (up to 90 days). Facility: 30 beds. 3 people in each room. 5 bathrooms.  Transitional Living Program (LGB friendly) – runaway and homeless youth ages 17-21. Intake: interview with case manager. Expectations: in school and/or working, saving money. Length of Stay: up to 18 months or 22nd birthday. Services: Parkland Med van is onsite weekly, counseling, art therapy, anger management, parenting classes, case management, medical and dental services, psych evaluation. Facility: 9 beds, 2 bathrooms, communal living areas, computer lounge. LGBTQ Transitional Living Program – Must be homeless ages 16-24. May have children. Intake: meet with case manager. Length of Stay: 18 months or until 21st birthday. Services: Parkland Med van is onsite weekly, counseling, art therapy, anger management, parenting classes, case management, medical and dental services, psych evaluation. Facility: 4 beds, shared rooms, 2 bathrooms, common living spaces