P.O. Box 861664 Plano, TX 75086

Must be enrolled in school or employed at least PT. 1 year sobriety requirement. Housing includes extended stay hotels, apartments, single family homes. Casework, counseling, childcare, and job skills training provided.
700 N. Pearl St. Ste. 1200 Dallas, TX 75201

Single parent families age 18+ currently enrolled in educational or vocational program. Intake: call or email, meet with social worker for evaluation, background check. Exceptions: counseling, work with social worker. Length of stay: 6-9 months. Services: Access to affordable housing, financial assistance, counseling, spiritual growth, case management, parenting classes, money management, mentorship.

1100 Cadiz St. Dallas, TX 75215

10-month program w/ 4 phases. Phase I – must stay on property, no visitors, work 4-hour shift in kitchen. Phase II – Can request pass to leave property, full schedule of classes including anger mgmt, alcohol recovery, job readiness, budgeting, etc. work in security or food service on-site. Phase III – Continue classes, focus on job and housing applications, join local church, work with a mentor. Phase IV – Class schedule and mentoring continue, job and housing application process finalized, graduation

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711 S. St. Paul St. Dallas, TX 75201

Phase I – Transitional Housing (16 weeks). 30 private rooms for homeless families (non-traditional okay) in which adults are able to work. Phase II – Apartment Housing (1 year). 20 2 BDR apartments. Home inspections mandatory. Will house those with physical or mental disabilities if able to work and stable on medications. Casework, counseling, job search, parenting, budgeting, relationships, etc. Pregnant women w/ at least 1 minor child offered permanent supportive housing services. Those with meth manufacturing and sex offenses are excluded. Other offenses are reviewed case-by-case
610 Shady Brook Dr. Grapevine, TX 76051

Minimum requirements: ID & SS card for adults, BC for children. Proof of employment income and financial assistance. Intake: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri & 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM on Wed. Length of Stay: up to 2 years. Services: Furnished 1 or 2 BDR apartments. Case management, educational, career, financial, behavioral modification goal setting. Vouchers to food pantry, clothing room, resale store, and clinic. Additional services for transportation, tuition/school supplies, daycare, etc.
4210 Junius St. Dallas, TX 74246

Minimum requirements: ID & SS card required, 25+, ability to work or attend school, consistent monthly income. Exclusions: sex offenders, convicted violent felons, manufacturing offenses. Length of stay: up to 24 months. General details: HCC pays rent to apartment. Client responsible for utilities. Scattered-site housing placement based upon availability. Home Again – serves 12 families & 3 singles. Welcome Home – 25 singles. Project Restore – HOH must have documented diagnosis of mental illness, substance abuse or co-occurring disorder
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5600 Ross Ave., Dallas, TX 75206

Application and interview for intake. Documented homelessness/eviction notice required. 9+ months on same job in the last 3 years. 1+ year sobriety. No violent or sexual offenses for any members of household. 25 furnished apartments. Rent-free if families enter program unemployed. Upon obtaining employment, rent is 30% of net income. 100% of rent returned to families who save at least $500. Personal success coach and financial empowerment coach meetings required. Unemployed and underemployed individuals must participate in Career Development Program. Counseling, Child-care assistance, after-school/summer programming, and life skills training provided. No alcohol, cable, or unauthorized visitors allowed
1421 N. Peak St. Dallas, TX 75204

ID & SS card required. Alpha (Men) & Oasis (Women) Residential Programs – 1 year residential program for individuals struggling with homelessness, addiction, criminal history, abuse, behavioral dysfunctions. Faith-based. Discipleship classes, computer classes, and GED prep offered. The Refuge – Current employment for at least 2 months. Gross income $20,090 – $28,410. 1 BDR $500/mo. 2 BDR $550/mo. First month’s rent & at least 25% of security deposit due up front. Not a shelter or long-term housing solution.
5302 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75235

Must be approved by specialist. Must attend all case management. Documentation of disability and/or homelessness for past 30 days required. Must have ability to take care of daily activities. Sex offenders not allowed. Thrive – 6 month program for individuals able to work and/or go to school FT (12 beds). Mothers & Children – 3 sets of families housing available for up to a year

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402 N. Good Latimer Expy. Dallas, TX 75204

Criminal background check and drug test required. Homeshare Program – Housing solutions for individuals (typically older widows) who have housing with individuals 21+ in need of housing. Home providers must live in Dallas County and offer private bedroom to qualify. Roommate should be able to contribute minimally to finances and offer companionship, assistance with chores, and sense of security. Match based on common interests and affordability. Homeshare CARE Program – rental stipend not to exceed 12 months & case management. Both Homeshare & CARE offer: intake/screening, reference checking, housing option counseling, home inspections, community referrals, negotiation of contracts, follow-up assistance. Group Residence – Up to 12 months housing for homeless single parents 21+ and adults age 50+. Child ages cannot exceed 10 for boys and 12 for girls when accepted into program. Individuals/families live in house and share common areas. Private bedroom and bath. Once employed, parents pay rental fee not to exceed 30% of income. Services include crisis intervention, educational/employment assistance, financial management, permanent housing placement, mentoring, social and recreational programming, day care, after-school programming, mental health services, groceries, clothing, toiletries, medicine, temporary transportation. Application online
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