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Dear Friend,

During these sudden and challenging days of pandemic, we’ve added new words to our vocabulary—words like social distancing, self-quarantine, and shelter in place.

Shelter.  It’s so important and meaningful, now more than ever.  Because of you, it’s what we do at Samaritan Inn.

Many of you are asking what we need right now for our residents, and how you can help.  We are so grateful for your care and concern.

May I suggest a few, very practical ways you can assist us?

  1. Help us keep our supplies available to our residents—things like hand sanitizer, paper towels, liquid soap, and of course, toilet paper.  Please check both our Amazon Wishlist and our Urgent Needs List.  Be assured if you order from our Amazon list and check the direct delivery option to the Inn, we will receive these items.
  1. Help us by sending your financial contribution to support our work. Please donate here. You may also mail a gift to us at 1725 N. McDonald Street, McKinney, TX 75071.  Your financial support is vital to our ability to continue serving those who are depending upon our help.
  2. Pray for us! We need a band of cheerleaders and prayer warriors, who, though you are at a distance, are cheering us on from the sidelines and praying for God’s supernatural strength to be displayed during these unprecedented times.  Thank you for doing so.

Just a few additional ideas—

  1. As mentioned, our staff is working tirelessly to be “on the job” for our residents. Like each of you, they have those occasional moments of anxiety or weariness that come from being in the trenches.

Will you please consider mailing a note of encouragement along with a restaurant gift card to our staff?

  1. Will you also give some thought to sending a note of encouragement to be shared with our residents, just to let them know you’re thinking and praying for them? I know they would be blessed by that. We can get through almost anything if we know that someone, somewhere cares about how we’re doing.
  2. For those of you tackling home learning with your “stay-at-home” students…why not include a learning module on homelessness in your curriculum? I have found  Katherine Applegate’s book Crenshaw to be a wonderful resource for helping children learn about the realities of homelessness and poverty: It’s the heartwarming story about Jackson and his family who have fallen on hard times. Snuggle up on the sofa and read it with your kids. I think it would make an interesting addition to your daily school time.

My friend, the coronavirus in many ways has pushed us apart from one another—by at least 6 feet (!)—but in many ways it has also been bringing us together.

I am heartened by the random acts of kindness I see on every side…neighbors helping neighbors…family members reconnecting as they read books together and play games which have been tucked away in cupboards for way too long.

In the midst of this pandemic, communities are pulling together, and acting and thinking differently toward one another. I believe these changes will result in the long-term creation of new choices and new ways to live.

The North Texas community is resilient.  We feel your spirit alongside us, helping to push us forward in delivering the compassionate care for kids, families, and individuals who need it—now more than ever.

Thank you for the many ways you stand with us.


Rick Crocker

CEO, Samaritan Inn

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